Member Introduction- Kader Yem Co.Ltd.


An introductory text on Kader Yem:

Our company was founded by İbrahim Karakılıç as a grain grinding and crushing facility in 1991 in Susurluk, Karşıyaka District. The goal of servicing according to the needs of our customers and adapting to the developing technology has enabled us to take further steps day by day. The passing time and our customers' needs has been an inspiration for us and we have become a supply house for animal breeders. In 1993, we have acquired lorries in order to meet the demands of our customers. 

Our company had a 120 square meters area when it was founded but this did not satisfy us. The hardening of the conditions and the idea of serving our customers better enabled us to open new branches. We now have 1250 square meters of forage and grain depot in 3 different places in the town, and also a service building with a 60-tons-weigher in a 442 square meters of area. We also trade in wheat and sunflower seed to support our farmers. We have 12 people employed in our company.

Our comapny which was founded by İbrahim Karakılıç became a limited company by taking the name of Kader Yem Co.Ltd. in 2014.

The dairy factories and integrated meat facilities in our area have a great role in develeopment of animal breeding. as a result of this, those businesses that breed animals have greater needs. By taking these developments into consideration, we decided to make investments in 2015. In October 2015, we acquired a service building of 2360 square meters.

Our mission is;

To be a company that abides by the rules and regulations in our sector, adopts a discussant and transparent directorial style, prioritizes the coalescence with the customers, invests continually by prioritizng innovations and creativeness, acts responsibly by the state, society and environment, enlarges its goals by developing its vision eveery day. Besides this, our shared values are honesty, loyalty, pride, realism,  being open to newness, team spirit and perfectionism. Our directorial style is, to direct  by moving towards the goals, organizing and inspecting the works, having leadership qualities, having a strong communication skill, and being open to changes and developments.

Our vision is;

Our purpose is to keep being a company that is always leading in all areas,cosen by consumers, respectful to environment, rules, thinking creative and innovative, reflecting the latest technology to its products, trusted, always shown as reference and to reach this goal our principle is to ensure customer satisfaction by serving with the best and fastest quality.