Member Introduction- Dört Mevsim Co.


An Introductory text by Dört Mevsim Co. :

 Commercial activities started by our ancestor Mr Musa Göçer would soon focus on agriculture and animal husbandry by the joining of his sons to the business. Activities carried out in scope of family unity and respect take the direction of carcass meat trade in big cities. In the year of 1985, an entrepreneurship by bothers in meat commissionership, carcass meat trade was started in Istanbul's and Ankara's meat stock exchanges. Besides this, dairy farming was started in Çanakkale in the same period. Having an important place in dairy products sector in Istanbul, company decided that the development in meat sector will be greater than dairy products and at the start of 90's, they leave tihs sector.

 Having an important place in red meat sector with its meat combine, the company passed on to integrated meat facility and industrialized fully. With the experience that the long years had given, the elders of the family included the younger generation in the company, and focused their area of activities on processed meat products, doner (gyro) being in the first place, and animal husbandry which is the raw material of meat. In this direction, the company started to invest in arable land in order to grow barley, wheat, corn et cetera which are used as animal feed, and currently it has 2.200.000 square meters of arable land. After animal husbandry in temporary areas, in 2010 a company was formed named Dört Mevsim Besi and Yem (Dört Mevsim Nourishment and Forage) with the acquirement of a large farm in Karapürçek near Susurluk, and increased its capacity three times with a great effort, and after that in 2016 Boğazköy farmland was acquired. With a purpose of permanence istead of leadership in this sector, the company will continue its activities in its sector with Allah's will.