Member Introduction- Göbel Aydoğan Et Co. Ltd.


An interview with Göbel Aydoğan Et Co. Ltd. Executives:

1-Hello, Mr.Recep, first of all, we thank you for your time. Can you shortly tell about yourself, please?

 Hello, you are welcome. I was born in 1975 in Göbel. I am an elementary school graduate. I am married with 2 children. We are directing Göbel Aydoğan Et Co. along with my brothers Ersan and Serkan Aydoğan. 

2- Can you tell about your company's past and foundation?

 Our ompany was founded by our grandfather Halil İbrahim Aydoğan. It was directed by our grandfather between the years of 1964-1983. After being directed by our father Mustafa Aydoğan and our uncle Ali Osman Aydoğan between 1983-1993, our company was directed by Recep Aydoğan between 1993-2008. After that, we founded Göbel Aydoğan Et Co. Ltd. in 2008 and we opened our integrated meat facilities on 19th of September 2015 as Aydoğan Kardeşler Co. Ltd. Our company lays on a 15 decares of area consisting an operation building, paddocks and slaughterhouse of 5 decares, in a 64 decares of industry parcel. 

3- Can you inform us onyour company's operating areas?

 In our facilities, we are slaughtering with the latest technologies in a hygienic environment which is in accordance with European Standards. Alongside our own cattle, we also slaughter for other companies in the area. We have a capacity of slaughtering 1000 ovine and 250 bovine animals. We slaughter 5 days of the week in our facilities. We are slaughtering with a %100 capacity in ovine and %30-50 capacity in bovine. We work mainly in domestic market, particularly Istanbul. We are planning to work on side products  and putting them to use. 

4- How many people are employed in your company?

 In our two companies there are 70 people empleyed, 35 contracted and 35 subcontracted.

5- What kind of work are you carrying out in your company to ensure customer satisfaction? What are the quality certificates you company has?

 We are slaughtering in European standards giving priority to hygienic rules and we keep to the cold chain in storage and delivery stages. The animals are first checked out by veterinerians and then the animals are put to the paddocks their well being being kept. The animals taken to slaughtering are slaughtered keeping up with the European standards and Islamic necessities. The slaughtered products are transfered to cold chain after being registered and the cold chain is protected at all times. We have 1 cold storage for ovine giblets, 1 for bovine giblets, and 5 for carcasses. We also have -18C and -40C cold storages. We are giving priority to personnel training and have regular trainings. We have certificates for Halal Food, HACCP and ISO 22000.

6- Can we learn about your company policies?

 Our food safety policy is;

 - to serve abiding the legal and regulative requirements in healthy and hygienic environments.

 - to preserve the natural environment.

 - to become a brand in our sector with our food safety and halal slaughtering.

Our food safety objective is;

 - to give prority to human health, to serve abiding the hygienic rules.

 - to keep customer satisfaction.

 - to use our human relations effectively and efficiently.

 - to raise the awareness of our consumers in safe and halal slaughtered meat.

Our food safety goal is;

 - to continually develop our food safety system.

 - to train our employees. 

 - to be a leading part in our sector in terms of food safety.

 - to lower our expenses and increase our competititve capacity by working efficiently.

7- What are the biggest problems you encounter in meat sector? What are your solution suggestions?

 The biggest problem of our sector is the increasingly diminishinganimal number and as a result the problem to find animals for slaughter. The government's animal supports should not only be for large -scale companies, but also for small and medium size enterprizes. As a result of small number of animals, people are only working with large-scale companies for they are well-known and SME's aren't getting enough opportunities.

8- Can you share wşth us your main principles in managing your company?

 First of all, solidarity among brothers has always been the priority. For this reason, OUR UNITY IS OUR POWER. Honesty, turst, working hard and keeping one's word has always been our main principle. Up to this point we have always adopted a tradition of respecting the nature and human beings.