Member News- Ahi Güven Co.


Susurluk Commodity Exchange Member Ahi Güven Co. has celebrated the 15th anniversary of their time in Japan's Market.

Specialized on canned and frozen foods prduction and exportation, Turkey's one of the strongest food producers and exporters, the successful Ahi Güven Canned and Frozen Foods Co. has just returned their visit to Japan where they export their goods. 

Our Exchange Chairman of the board of directors Sefer GÖÇER, Assebly Chairman Hüseyin TUNALI, Board of Directors Accountant Member Yakup BOZKAN, Vice-General Secretary Hamit YILDIZ, and valued members of the press Tahsin AYYILDIZ and Gürdal ERGEN have made a congratolary visit to Ahi Güven Co. on 16th of March, Friday.

Company Co-Owner Mete SEYFELİ hosted the visit our commodity exchange has given. Mr SEYFELİ, in his statement said;

"Our company isn't making domestic sales, and selling products to various countries around the world. some of these countries are USA, Australia, Japan, England, Ireland, France, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Norway, Denmark, Switzerland and Poland. The market share of our company is increasing every year. Our goal is to become a company that is known, preferred and trusted in every part of the world. In order to ensure this, our endeavors  for our investments, renewals and developments in our factory with its personnel that are specialized in their own fields.  

We, as Ahi Güven, are exporting to Japan that is one of the hardest, most principled, markets in the world in terms of quality standards. We are participating in FOODEX Food Fair that is held in Japan every year, in order to have a share in this market. Also, we are increasing our export amount by regularly visiting our customers.

 As Ahi Güven, we thank Susurluk Commodity Exchange and the valued members of the press for their thoughtful visit."

Susurluk Commodity Exchange Chairman Sefer GÖÇER, who began to speak after SEYFELİ said; "As Commodity Exchange, we are proud to see our members' success. After Ahi Güven and Yörsan, Has Tavuk's beginning exportation to  Japan market that is the hardest of the world, has made Susurluk companies occupying an important part in there. We can say that Susurluk is feeding Japan. I congratulate you and wish that your success grows apace."