Member Introduction

Title of the Company:    DÖRT MEVSİM MEAT PRODUCTS INC.

Foundation Date:          1985

Adress:                        Balıklıdere Mah. Buzağılık Mevkii Bandırma Kavşağı Susurluk/BALIKESİR

Telephone:                  0266 865 2101 – 2102




Dört Mevsim Meat Products Inc.’s foundation was made by Mr. Musa GÖÇER in 1954. After years of work, in 1989, official foundation was made and bovine animal and meat sales continued.

In 1992, their marketing net was expanded and an İstanbul branch was opened.

In 2003, with the decision of the firm’s board of directors, with the aim of reaching the final producers directly and adoption of the principle of from the producer to the table, to porduce advanced processed meat, integrated meat facilities were founded.

The Chairman of the Board of Directors of the firm, which employs 120 people in total, is Ethem GÖÇER, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors is Cemal GÖÇER and Member of the Board of Directors is Celal GÖÇER.



In Dört Mevsim Inc., bovine and ovine animals fed with natural forage are slaughtered in hygienic environment fit to HACCP and all quality rules.

The aim of the company is to present the best quality products produced in hygienic environments for the most convenient prices.

Their aim is to preserve the cold chain ring in all the processes from the production to the delivery to the customer, presenting delicious products.

In order to acheive this;

The live animals which are used in production are readied for slaughtering by being fed with natural forages in Dört Mevsim’s own farms. The animals are slaughtered appropriate to the Islamic rules, being controlled by vets in first class meat combines. The meat is shred and readied for production by butchers wearing their bonnets, masks, gloves and hygienic clothes. The product is delivered to tables under circumstances fit to the food codex and ISO 22000 principles.