Employment Mobilization 2019 Incentives Meeting


Employment Mobilization 2019 incentives and supports meeting was held in Şerafettin Tunalı Conference Hall with the participation of SGK (Social Security Organization) Provincial Manager Muhammed Sıddkık Polat and İşkur (Employment Agency) Provincial Manager Nazım Balcı on 22nd of March.

Our town's districy governor Osman Ateş, Mayor Hüseyin Hızlıoğlu, Governmental and non-governmental organizations' executives, independant accountants and financial advisors, our town's employers and regional press members attended the meeting.

The headlines of the meeting's issues are as below;

- Additional Employment Incentives

- Wage Support for New Employment

- 2019 year minimum wage support

- Discount of Five Points

- 5 Points of bous discount for the insured workers that are taken/sent abroad

- Additional 6 points of bonus discount

- Incentive apllied according to the descisions on governmental support for investments 

- Incentive concerning the employment of those who are on government support

- Incentive for the employment of young women and documented workers

- Incentive for the employment of those who completed on-the-job-training

- Incentive for the employment of the insured disabled

- Incentive for the activities of research and development

- Incentive for Cultural investments and initiatives

- Incentive for the employment of those who use social services

- 5 points of social security organization for artisans and the self-employed 

- Incentive for young entrepreneurs